“I reached a period in my life where I needed to let go of a long standing relationship and was finding it difficult to reconcile the end and move forward.  My thoughts and beliefs caused me to feel negative about myself and on occasions resulted in anxiety and mild depression.  My state of mind also had an affect on my relationship with my new partner, my children, family,  friends and work colleagues, and I found it difficult to discuss things with them, as they were an active part of my life and their opinions and views were somewhat biased.

The sessions with Jan allowed me to openly express all of my feelings without being judged, and with her gentle support and guidance I was ultimately able to see things differently and put a new perspective on my life and perceived circumstances.

Even after only a few short weeks my state of mind has improved so much that I can barely relate to, or remember how things used to be and my life has a completely new meaning and I have a very positive outlook for the future”.

Glenn, Grimsby

“We are a large COMAH site on the Humber bank employing approx 560 people we have used Jan for our counselling needs for the past 5 years. During this period she has been extremely useful and our absence due to stress/anxiety and depression has steadily decreased. This has been due to managing stress/anxiety and depression pro-actively by using Cognitions”.

Naomi, Immingham

My name is Karen, I was in a Road traffic accident last year, I had no sense of optimism or purpose, I felt no meaning for anything, I was in a big black empty hole.  I was recommended to Jan Boden.  I’ve had 15 sessions, If it wasn’t for Jan and her counselling, support, warmth and professionalism, I wouldn’t be where I am today, thank you jan from the bottom of my heart. You are the best thank you.  I would definitely recommend you, kind regards Karen. 

I first met Jan about 2 years ago when going through a really difficult time in my life; Jan is amazing and a dedicated person and what makes her so amazing is her caring empathic and compassionate nature along with her dedication to you as an individual.  I believe it is so very important to be able to connect with your counsellor and Jan’s warm approach enables this with great ease.  Jan you gave me the give of seeing opportunity in life and for all your support I thank you.  I wholeheartedly recommend your service .


I met Jan and she helped me put my broken self together again.  I felt empowered at the end of our sessions.  A true professional who I cannot recommend enough.  Warmest wishes Jane.